Sunday, March 18, 2018

What you should care when choosing your next Smart TV

I have recently bought a Smart TV, Lloyd L32N2S which was having 5 year warranty. And this is what I learned from using it for approximately 3 months. The features smart tv provides are good.

  1. Stream online movies, videos. ie Netflix, Youtube etc.
  2. You can use the browser and browse the internet
But what will happen when your TV screen is broken? All the 5 year warranty will not save you. It costs the same price of buying the TV. I bought the Lloyd L32N2S for 18,250 INR. Now the cost of replacing the panel is 18,010 INR. That means rest of the TV parts like speaker, board, the plastic cabin etc cost just 240 INR. WTF? You can even get the TV from your local market ~ 17,000* ( Information got from some of the sources I have talked. )

After having an LCD TV Sony Bravia and LED TV Lloyd L32N2S smart TV what I learned is you need to have an IPS panel TV. Not a normal LED TV. Those panels have a protective covering, so the panels will not get broken that easily as normal panel.

  1. You should use something like Chromecast, Firestick. I also came across X96. Those are built into provide the exact features SmartTV is providing
  2. If you are a developer, I would suggest you buying an RasberryPi and even making it as a SmartTV.

Advantage of using RasberryPi is you can even turn it as normal computer, and connect it with a mouse and keyboard.

The advantage of using IPS panel normal LED TV + something similar firestick or chromecast is you don't need to spend more money when your TV panel is broken. You can buy your next TV. So your next TV is also smart :-). I have not seen people replacing the LED panel for they have less warranty ( 3 or 6 months) .

Why not MiTV4a ?

From the reviews I have learned that MiTV4a, the much bosted nonsense flashsale / pre-order TV doesn't even come with IPS panel. But there will be worst things like this.

See if you really care about your privacy. The thread is having various security issues.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tips and tricks to buy MiTV 4a / Redmi5A Phone via Flash Sale on Flipkart and


I have tried buying Redmi5A Phone and MiTV 4a via Flash Sale on Flipkart and : Is it worth the time I spend? Have you ever bought an Mi Phone or TV from Flipkart or via Flash sale?

Mi Phones comes with variety of Price range. I was looking at Redmi5A which advertised as a 5000 phone. I have tried 3 weeks to buy the same. It was out of stock in a couple of seconds. Sometimes before the flash sale begins it shows out of stock. Now after 3 week the price is 6000 ;-). Did you learned anything from this ?

UPDATE 19-03-2018 : Now the maximum price is 6499 INR.

Today ( 13-03-2018 ) I even tried to buy an MI 32 inch smart TV. It also went out of stock in a couple of seconds. Lets look into twitter and see if any of them have bought any TV.


You can see 2 people mentioned they got it. If you look closely one account have 6 tweets and is genuinely spam. I believe these are all fake accounts. Don't count on me, just verify yourself. But the majority of twitter says no one have ordered. And sometimes even when people say they ordered the product after a few days we can see they complaining about the order is cancelled.

So is it worth to spend your time on Mi Products on a Flash sale? The answer is NO.

What are they doing in the name of Flash sale?

They don't have these product, but just trying to see / understand the market. They are studying how many customers are interested in their product and at what price they can sell these products.

Lets look at Redmi5A, they offered it for 5000, and they learned about this from each week how many customers are online trying to buy the same. On the next flash sale they are again looking how many are interested to buy the same in 6000 INR.

My wife have one xiaomi phone. I don't see a battery, everything is embedded to phone. From my understanding it is a use and throw phone, you will not able to replace the battery once it is dead. So think whether you want to buy a "use and throw" phone or a good one available in the market. Just don't think about the price. Your time is worth the amount.

Don't even trust them and link your bank / credit card information. The connection is not even secure. The one below is taken when I changed to https , but the site defaults load to http. I don't know whether they are really PCI Compliance when they are storing your credit card and bank informations.

If you are interested delete your account from , you can click on the link .

What if Xiaomi really wanted to sell their Products?

They would have told their customers, we don't have adequate product with us. But you still can book with us, and when it is ready we will ship it. This is similar to how the Indian Railway booking system works. We all are in a queue. I believe people will be ready to pay the amount for the same if that is the strategy. But they are not actually looking to sell anything as they boast.

UPDATE : 19-03-2017 , MiTV4A when you get on your hands will be priced 16000 and not as they advertise. See Redmi5A price increased from 4999 to 5999 and now maximum price shown as 6499. Similarly the TV price will increase. See screenshot below.

 Before you buy MI Product itself do check the thread by Elliot Alderson who have found many security flaws of different systems. Eg : Aadhar.

UPDATE : ( 20-03-2018 )

Some of the people already have taken how the flash sale lasts. See and enjoy!

On Mi

On Flipkart


Monday, October 23, 2017

In the name of Aadhar

I am having an account at State Bank of Travancore the now called State Bank of India Kunnamangalam branch, Kozhikode. I was not been using it for a while, so before I gave the cheque for something, I called SBI Kunnamangalam on 19-10-2017 at 11:31 AM and was informed it was inactive.

I reached SBI Kunnamangalam around 3:00 PM and got the KYC form. The form mentions PAN Card, Driving Licence, Voter-ID etc are valid KYC proof which I was already having with me at the time. I was also having my Aadhar digital copy on my mobile. The lady ( ~ 50 year old ) who was verifying the document was not willing to take anything except the original Aadhar ( By original I mean the physical copy send to you via courier or post ). I have not received my original aadhar, so I told her I cannot submit the same, but can provide the number or photocopies or even show her on my mobile.

But she was not willing and was telling me to come another day with Original aadhar and then only she can make the account active. I asked here where can I get this original Aadhar and she told you can collect from Akshaya. I wasn't aware where Akshaya was, for I have moved from Kunnamangalam some years back. I enquired to some other shop and finally reached Akshaya.

The officials at Akshaya told they cannot give the original aadhar. We can only take print outs, laminate it and give this. They told me to enquire what the lady officer really need. Now she was telling me to get something that Akshaya can give you. I went and collected a print out from Akshaya and reached SBI. By the time it was around 3:35 PM.

I was irritated with this old lady and this KYC process and was asking how to close the account. She pointed me to another young lady. She did her job well that the bank retains the account. She made the necessary changes and to make the account active I was asked to do a debit of 100 INR. No clerical staffs were willing to do the same and I told the old lady to do something. She was telling me to come another day that I can even close the account. I don't know what she is doing there? Does SBI pays for her to close every accounts?

Let me clarify that she was not quaralling with me, but was polite and not ready to accept any of the documents ( Voters-ID, PAN card or Driving license ).

Further I created

1. 3381020359
2. 3382956049

via .

Both the tickets are closed without informing what actions are taken or giving me proper replies to the questions. SBI let the customers know what actions are taken, or how did you addressed the queries related to the customer. Ask them whether they are satisfied or not etc. That is how you resolve a ticket.

The questions are :

1. Why is my Voters-ID, PAN, Driving license not considered as valid KYC ?

2. Doesn't the bank have a way to verify my aadhar number online? If so why does your staff send me multiple times to Akshaya?

3. Why do you compell people to show original aadhar when ekyc is available at banks? ( I came to know this facility is available at many banks )

My account got active, you may be wondering why am I still behind this? There are many illiterate people who comes to bank and who don't know what to do. When the officials duty is to help, they instead is not willing to do the same. Aren't the officials irritating the people who comes to take their money in the name of governement policies / Aadhar ?

NOTE : UIDAI says 10 INR for black and white print out, but people collect 20 INR, but I am ok about paying the same to make things work.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

BSNL online recharge

I used to recharge / pay BSNL bills via . Recently something got into my attention. After a successful recharge, I always note the transaction-id etc for future references.

It came to my notice that a popup window was opening to another website with your phone numbers being passed as a get request.

The exact url is as : .

I haven't even clicked any of the offers it mentioned, but without my concern BSNL website gives my number to a 3rd party service. I have already activated DND and BSNL is selling my mobile number to a 3rd party service.

I send my grievance at .

I informed @CMDBSNL regarding the same.

Thank you Anupam Shrivastava for notifying @BSNLCorporate.

And I got a reply from BSNL_Kerala

If you are not a web developer you may probably don't know what an http GET request is. It is ok, ask someone who is good in it and learn what they get when you pass someone else mobile number.

Sites likes this is actually storing the information to their database.

The screenshot below shows an error when you pass a string to freebeemart as : .

And now just laugh and read it is BSNL's policy to send mobile numbers to 3rd party services.

I also wonder when will BSNL employees understand they cannot sell someone else mobile number like this.

So this is currently what I added to /etc/hosts .

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Turning 2

Some days back Ishaan turned 2 years. I always think about him, and what to do next. Life is all about mystery. I am still unsure about what decision I should take for him.

As a reader of this blog, you probably may be wondering what I am talking about. Ishaan is my only kid, who was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. It is really a pain to know your kid can't hear without any hearing aid or cochlear implant. We ( family ) have been giving him speech therapy from the age of 8 months.

Ishaan has slowly started to speak a few words. Some of the words are not so clear. It is really a happy moment to know he is able to hear and when he start speaking. But at the same time, it also makes things tough taking the right decision, whether we need to go for cochlear implant or not.