Sunday, March 18, 2018

What you should care when choosing your next Smart TV

I have recently bought a Smart TV, Lloyd L32N2S which was having 5 year warranty. And this is what I learned from using it for approximately 3 months. The features smart tv provides are good.

  1. Stream online movies, videos. ie Netflix, Youtube etc.
  2. You can use the browser and browse the internet
But what will happen when your TV screen is broken? All the 5 year warranty will not save you. It costs the same price of buying the TV. I bought the Lloyd L32N2S for 18,250 INR. Now the cost of replacing the panel is 18,010 INR. That means rest of the TV parts like speaker, board, the plastic cabin etc cost just 240 INR. WTF? You can even get the TV from your local market ~ 17,000* ( Information got from some of the sources I have talked. )

After having an LCD TV Sony Bravia and LED TV Lloyd L32N2S smart TV what I learned is you need to have an IPS panel TV. Not a normal LED TV. Those panels have a protective covering, so the panels will not get broken that easily as normal panel.

  1. You should use something like Chromecast, Firestick. I also came across X96. Those are built into provide the exact features SmartTV is providing
  2. If you are a developer, I would suggest you buying an RasberryPi and even making it as a SmartTV.

Advantage of using RasberryPi is you can even turn it as normal computer, and connect it with a mouse and keyboard.

The advantage of using IPS panel normal LED TV + something similar firestick or chromecast is you don't need to spend more money when your TV panel is broken. You can buy your next TV. So your next TV is also smart :-). I have not seen people replacing the LED panel for they have less warranty ( 3 or 6 months) .

Why not MiTV4a ?

From the reviews I have learned that MiTV4a, the much bosted nonsense flashsale / pre-order TV doesn't even come with IPS panel. But there will be worst things like this.

See if you really care about your privacy. The thread is having various security issues.

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